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This is the script on modern post card

This is the script on modern post card - This is the script...

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This is the script on modern post card. This is an excerpt from Small Business School, the series on PBS. >> Hi, I'm Hattie Bryant. Every week our goal is to inform and inspire. It's to take you inside the mind of a business owner who created something out of nothing. It's to introduce you to the country's most fascinating men and women who are the creators of wealth and work. They are the people who are always thinking, "How can I do this better?" They're never satisfied. They're in pursuit of perfection even though they know it's an unachievable and lifelong goal. Steve Hoffman, founder of Modern Postcard, is an artist- turned-businessman. He's a deep thinker, a strategist and a tactician. You'll now see what happens when one person gets everybody thinking about how they can do things faster, cheaper and better. >> Fortunately we started with technology first. When we went to Modern Postcard, the only way that we could do it was to have everything internal be digitized. Everything was digital from the very beginning with Modern Postcard. >> Steve Hoffman is founder and owner of Modern Postcard. He has 250 employees who produce over one hundred million postcards a year for some 150,000 customers. >> 1993... >> Yes, 1993. >> You said we're going out there. We're not staying with old stuff. We're going forward. >> If you're going to get 32 images on a plate, how do you get that -- the key things with color is that it has to be in register and the color has to be good. And the only way you can do that is through digital technology. We solved the problems back in 1993, '94 in terms of doing that, and so internally we had a completely digital workflow. Now is a question of how do we take people's information and stuff from the outside inside because we already knew where the landmines were. >> To build a postcard online, you just go to modernpostcard.com and choose "Build online. " Stock artwork is provided, or you can send in your own photos and artwork. We've done both.
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