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Hello professor and class, How has Toyota tried to reach consumers of all ages and stages of the lifecycle? Toyota has made their hybrid vehicles for the younger generation and also those who commute. These cars have features that meet the buyers needs and wants. Toyota is rooted in local communities worldwide, and will continue to do utmost to contribute to society’s, economic growth, and environmental protection in the countries in which they operate. For you: Which Toyota vehicle seems to be the most relevant to your needs? The vehicle that fits my needs is a Toyota Land Cruiser. Its roomy for taking long trips I do move around a lot working construction. It’s got lots of features and when I do get home it’s capable of
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Unformatted text preview: pulling my boat to the river. Select three of the factors that affect consumer behavior and explain why they would have an impact on why the vehicle is most relevant to your needs. First factor would be family. When I select a vehicle to buy that im interested in I take it to my father so he can check it out for me he’s a mechanic and I trust his judgment. Second factor is Social factor. When I was looking for a vehicle I would look at reviews and articles to tell me about different things about the vehicle Third factor would be personal factor. The vehicle I choose has to fit into my life style of traveling and boating or whatever I need it for....
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