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unit 3 dq building customer

unit 3 dq building customer - sugar free and home blended...

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Hello professor and class, The new stores psychographic study would deal with the social class the new stores is targeting at. It is a low priced coffee stores so it does not mean that it is only for the people belonging to the lower social strata. The lifestyle of the people would be aimed to be targeted especially the school and university students, followed by the contract workers who finish their shifts and are looking for a quick cup of coffee. The new store should also cater to the activities that people in These are the people who are likely to visit the store, it should offer low calorie coffee as the store is to be located in a health spa and club. People who are interested in low carbohydrate,
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Unformatted text preview: sugar free and home blended coffee would definitely visit the store. I would be interested in using the PRIZMNE system as it the new evolving marketing multiple segmentation strategy. A study using this will tell the store owners what exactly they are looking for and exactly what sort of people might visit the stores as it classifies households on many demographic factors, behavioral and lifestyle factors, I would suggest that the new stores use the new evolution strategy to understand better if it could target the audience that are now visiting Starbucks and what advantages these people might get if they shift out of a great brand....
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