unit 4 assignment building customer

unit 4 assignment building customer - Intelligent shopping...

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Intelligent shopping cart represents the technology which is capable of serving interests of all the parties like retailers, customer and manufacturer. The three websites that discuss this technology are: Name: Alien Technology Websites: -www.alientechnology.com Name: Motorola Websites - www.motorola.com/Business/ Name: Binary semantics ltd Websites: www.binarysemantics.com These websites help retailers to have understanding of the technology, various devices available in the market with their prices. It also communicates the benefits of RIFD to retailers in terms of increased customer satisfaction by reducing stock out, providing vender real-time visibility of inventory in the supply chain. It further add value in terms of providing real-time operational information by automatically detecting product movements throughout the retail process from stock to shelf and off the shelf to cash counter . It will also enable retailers to connect to their bank account for wired money transfer if one falls short of money during shopping. It briefs about the advantages as well as disadvantages of the same: RFID technology is better than bar codes as it cannot be easily replicated and therefore, it increases the security of the product. It will help in theft detection. RFID technology helps to lower overhead in a business, allowing the company to operate more efficiently. Before a retailer sells a product, it must go through several different steps, including being shipped and stored. With RFID, retailers can track incoming shipments at each of these stages
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unit 4 assignment building customer - Intelligent shopping...

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