unit 4 dq building customer

unit 4 dq building customer - running telly for knowing how...

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Shopping Buddy carts have been equipped with the wire-less touch screen IBM’s computer with the laser scanner for enabling the shoppers to check the price and for scanning the purchased product, these carts maintain the running totals of how much a shopper has been spending that facilitated the rapid self check out at end of the trip of shopping. When shopper approached the items in aisle then this Shopping Buddy cart altered him or her to which the items were for sale and on which items the self dispensed coupons have been available. Equipped with the RFID technology customer could query the Shopping Buddy for any location of the item in store and could be directed through the path which is displayed on the computer screen. Media carts have been mounted with the video screen at back of the Shopping cart for enabling maximum visibility. Like the Shopping Buddy cart, media cart has been allowed the shoppers for scanning the purchased product and for maintaining the
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Unformatted text preview: running telly for knowing how much has been bought. Many companies experiment with shopping buddy has been ultimately failed because of financial non-viability and super market chain replace intelligent shopping cart with the hand held device. The company should focus on AIDA model so as to attract consumer and should focus on establishing an emotional bonding with its consumers so that the consumers get associated with the product. They have to be artistic and innovative in its promotional programme and activity. Consumer processing model and hedonic experiential model helps in the information processing required by the consumers. The organization needs to focus on building emotional bonding to the consumers with a focus on fun, fantasies and feelings. This helps in building a positive consumer behavior....
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