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unit 4 pt 2 dq - establishing an emotional bonding with its...

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Conduct an informal audit of the signage at an on-premise retailer in your community. Specifically, select five examples of on-premise retail signage that you regard as particularly effective. Using material from Chapter 5 on the CPM and HEM models, explain why your chosen illustrations likely stand a good chance of attracting retail consumer attention and influencing their behavior. Defend your responses. Be sure to only look at retailers. Answer: The company should focus on AIDA model so as to attract consumer and should focus on
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Unformatted text preview: establishing an emotional bonding with its consumers so that the consumers get associated with the product. They have to be artistic and innovative in its promotional programme and activity. Consumer processing model and hedonic experiential model helps in the information processing required by the consumers. The organization needs to focus on building emotional bonding to the consumers with a focus on fun, fantasies and feelings. This helps in building a positive consumer behavior....
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