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7327723 1 Hello professor and class, Horse.com is a source from where all the things related to horse could be purchased like saddlers, bridlers, bits, pads etc. The owner of the company is Scott Mooney. He realized that all his products needed more and more exposure in the market so that their proper and efficient promotion and branding could be done. He designed catalogs to attract customer attention. Catalogs are one of the promotional strategy which uses company sales team and some attractive promotional activities to create customer awareness about their products and importance. The owner introduced the products to the various wholesalers who
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Unformatted text preview: promoted in turn to the retailers and retailers attracted the customers more and more. This way he introduced his products in the market in a new and innovative way and attracted customers towards its products. This strategy created brand awareness of horse in the market and customers were ready to buy only horse products and supply chain management was also affected as more demand in the market forced the owner to produce more and more products. References Official Website of Horse retrieved on July 15, 2011, www.horse.com ....
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