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unit 6 m assignment - and medical care units Based on my...

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"Doctors without Borders" "Doctors without Borders" is a mobile medical service where in doctors and nurses travel across to provide services and medical aid in places where there is an emergency, thus helping increase the probability of saving lives. These channels of distribution have been formed through a close network of hospitals and ambulance services thus creating an extremely efficient network. They get information through their helpline. There are a set of doctors that are assigned to this duty and they immediately rush to the spot of emergency or even spots where medical treatment s otherwise not received like in case of rural areas. It is a mobile medical service and not a product. It is provided through hospitals
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Unformatted text preview: and medical care units. Based on my examination, “Doctors without Borders" does have an extremely efficient network and do a good job of serving the needs of its customers or rather the patients. The marketing aspects are also focused on being developed through all channels of mass media, spreading awareness through several social networks, social service units and voluntary service groups and other medical centers. This forms a unique system of distribution where in there is a complete network dedicated to reaching out to the people who require medical help and this has been accomplished through a very strong distribution and logistics system which is flexible and dynamic....
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