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unit 7 dq small business - Hello professor and class What...

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Hello professor and class, What events in Shaun Clancy’s background prepared him to manage his own small business? The following events in the past has prepared him for the success ahead from, his family background was in hospitality industry, which may have always motivated him in this direction,the famous bar, Derragarra Inn, which was run by his family, had won 30 national awards! This would have given him all the key learning and exposures from the word go, Shaun’s father was working in NY’s legendary Toots Shor’s, which was a hub for celebrities, politicians, law officials, mobsters and average folks, his father’s profile and culture would have always supported his ambitions and by now, Shaun has learned Baseball not only for playing it but also to use it to sell, as nearly every US citizen loves to talk on baseball. What effective promotional activities did Clancy take to differentiate his business from his many local competitors?
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