Lecture 4 Notes - 1/29/07 Transcription of Dr. Wayne`s...

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1/29/07 Transcription of Dr. Wayne’s Lecture The Cell is the Basic Unit of Life Study Hint : Be able to identify the parts of the cell & know the function(s) of these [Clicker question] I presented a physico-chemical scenario for the origin of life. How plausible is it to you that it took place without any need for a Creator? A) Very plausible. I know that the universe started as a fluctuation and then followed the necessary laws of chemistry and physics. B) I am not sure, but leaning toward 1. C) Sometimes I think it is plausible, other times I think it is unlikely. D) I am not sure, but leaning toward 5. E) Very unlikely. I know that such a scenario is impossible without a Creator. Any of the above answers were accepted as correct. Randy said he would have chose C —“well maybe” The science behind the origin of life concept is that an enormous amount of energy is needed to create life…. . makes you think! Another unifying concept behind the introduction to the origin of life lecture is Energy. You’ll observe that we spend a lot of time talking about energy, energy transfer and energy storage during the upcoming lectures. Remember that energy is key to allowing Last lecture covered : Physico-chemical origin of life Today’s lecture will cover : The cell as the basic unit of life o cells as the smallest entity with all the characteristics of life o (ppt) A Cell is the Basic (Physico-Chemical and Biological) Unit of Life Cells are the basic units of life and all the chemical reactions of life occur in cells (ppt) Golden Age of Biology Numerous economic opportunities found in biology (ppt Series: quotes from The Declaration of Independence ) Laws of Nature & of Nature’s God. o On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies of the United States unanimously declared………. Laws of Nature and of Nature's God………. The government should be concerned with ALL life [all life forms]
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1/29/07 Transcription of Dr. Wayne’s Lecture Right of the people to alter or abolish [The right to question authority has been the most important aspect of the so-called scientific method]. (ppt) Seneca Falls, NY [located at the northern end of Cayuga lake] Declaration Woman’s Rights (ppt) Summary: These documents emphasize the unalienable right to life for all men and women and suggest that one should use the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God to ensure safe and happy lives Laws of nature can help us to develop and maintain a better society [value of understanding science] Don’t just blindly accept the decisions of others….have a prepared mind and strive to make your own decisions. (ppt)
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Lecture 4 Notes - 1/29/07 Transcription of Dr. Wayne`s...

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