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Hello professor and class, The store I have chosen is Walmart. Walmart view point of the brands equity focuses on the outcome extending from the efforts for enhancing the value of brand to different stakeholders. When value and equity of the Walmart increases then different positive results. These outcomes are to achieve higher market shares, increasing the brand loyalty, able to charge the premium price and to earn the revenue premium. For Walmart First two outcomes are very straight forward by simply putting; the higher equity brand can earn great level of customer loyalty and achieve the higher market share. Third outcome means that the elasticity of the
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Unformatted text preview: demand of a brand becomes less elastic when its equity increases. Walmart has very strong brand equity for providing the low prices every day. Quality differential between Walmart products and the other brands is less than in the premium price differential that the other brands commend. This is the brand equity in actions. Fourth outcome which is earning the revenue premium is particularly the result for achieving the higher level of brand equity. The Walmart brand possesses the higher equity which generate higher revenue premium. There is a very strong and positive correlation between the Walmart brands which customer enjoys....
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