The strategy of the Sherman Anti

The strategy of the Sherman Anti - name the price when it...

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The strategy of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and other U.S. anti-monopoly legislation is to ensure that each company has meaningful competitors in every product market in which it participates. This strategy works to prevent monopoly pricing of products but, unfortunately, it is inadequate to prevent the development of quasi-political control of entire societies by oligopolies whose member corporations share a quasi-political agenda. Therefore, as the world becomes a single market, some new strategy must be developed to control the reach of the corporate oligopolies. Anti Trust Acts are put into place to protect the consumers. When a monopoly is created, the sole company is the only distributor of a product. That means they can
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Unformatted text preview: name the price when it comes to products they sell. The US knows this usually results in high prices and alot of inflation, so by implementing these laws there must be two or more companies that manufactor and distribute the same product. This also ensures that 2 companies cannot talk behind closed doors to meet at an agreed price. The sherman Anti-Trust and other US anti-monopoly legislation must be reviewed annually. I think that this is important enough to make sure that laws keep up with the changing market now and in the future. It is important that this is done because our economy depends on these laws to make sure competition flourishes so that the wealth in this country is balanced...
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