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Kenneth Charles Branagh

Kenneth Charles Branagh - I think the meanest actor...

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I think the meanest actor portraying Frankenstein was Kenneth Brahagh, because at the time he portrayed as Frankenstein there was not that many especial effects to make a movie like this one and he made very scary, and as we can this Frankenstein movie was the most famous and seen, it was so famous to the point that every time you see it gets better and meaner, for this reason I think this play is the one that contain the most mad-science Kenneth Charles Branagh (born December 10, 1960) is an Emmy Award-winning Northern Irish-born British actor and film dire Clearly, one person's authentic homage is another person's overwrought teeth-gnashing fest, as Branagh's film never hesitates to slop on the melodramatic mustard I'm inclined to give it an 8 now. The more you watch, the more you appreciate how Branagh was able to faithfully retell Shelley's novel while still managing to make it fresh and make it relevant.
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