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Critique –The Colonel The poem is not written like the typical poem with rhythms and poetic. Instead, it is written in bock format, with simple one-line sentences that gives the appearance of order. Based on the description of the setting, it seems that the atmosphere was one of hostility and negativity. The colonel dumps out many human ears in front of his guests and used foul language. It would seem as though he wanted to instill fear in them as well as show his superiority of their race. Then the poem make mention that some of the ears fell on the floor and was pressed to the ground. While others heard what he was saying but some did not . The
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Unformatted text preview: assumption here is that like his guest, there are people who will ignore man like the colonel who tries to down grade other’s race, while there are others who will be affected. Everything in the poem is said in terms of the colonel, which might be used to show clear dominance of the man. Numerous times, things are mentioned as, “his…” “His house…” “His wife…” The meal that they had of lamb and wine, might even have a biblical meaning of the lamb representing innocence, which the speaker seem to have but not the colonel. The wine could represent blood, which I am certain the colonel has spilt over the years....
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