Quiz 7 BUSN 115

Quiz 7 BUSN 115 - Please kindly answer the question quiz...

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Please kindly answer the question quiz THANKS 1. According to the _________ concept, a firm must (1) find out what customers want and provide it, (2) make sure everyone in the organization has a service orientation, and (3) provide goods and services that will earn a profit. (Points: 1) stakeholder relationship consumerism marketing demand-side 2. A ___________ orientation refers to the process of determining the wants and needs of customers and then providing goods and services to meet or exceed their expectations. (Points: 1) market profit customer production 3. A widely used technique for collecting primary data is: (Points: 1) collecting relevant articles in trade journals. benchmarking. the observation method. the review of government reports. 4. Which of the following correctly identifies the goal of stakeholder marketing? (Points: 1) Maximize market share by selling high quality goods at low prices in the locations where consumers want to buy them. Segment the market into groups with similar characteristics. Determine which stakeholders are the most important to achieving the firm's marketing objectives. Create mutually beneficial exchange relationships with all of the firm's stakeholders. 5. Which of the following statements is most accurate? (Points: 1) The most dramatic global change affecting marketing efforts of most firms is the rise of the Euro as a dominant world currency. While the Internet has had a significant impact on the global reach of marketing, it has had
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Quiz 7 BUSN 115 - Please kindly answer the question quiz...

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