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Week Three Assignment—Analysis When we begin to read or write poems, it is crucial we learn the difference between abstract and concrete language and how weak abstract language can be without concrete images to back it up. For instance, the words lonely , tragic , and blissful are abstract; we cannot see those words in action unless concrete images demonstrate their meaning. In the lines below, the images are concrete, but the loneliness is left below the surface. I fill your chair with books newspapers, hang my coat on its back, I eat my dinner standing up in the kitchen avoid the spaces you occupied the couch, the side of the bed; my right hand is useless until you return. Not until the fourth line do we fully realize that someone is gone that the speaker misses. Then, the list of items that the speaker is avoiding becomes more intimate, culminating with the physical image of the hand. The final line goes briefly into the abstract “until you return,” to emphasize the loneliness the speaker is experiencing. Of course if this
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Week_3_Assignment_on_Analysis - WeekThreeAssignmentAnalysis...

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