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EDCI 2030 Final Group Project Survey We would like to thank you for your participation with our survey. Once you finish, please e- mail the survey back to either [email protected] or [email protected] 1. Name:_____________________ Years of teaching experience:________ 2. School:________________________ SES:_____________ 3. Does your school have a special education service? a. Does your school implement inclusion classes for the children with special needs? a.i. If so, do you teach inclusion students? a.ii. How many special needs students are in your class? a.iii. Who accompanies these students when they are with your class? a.iv. How do you collaborate with the special education teacher?
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Unformatted text preview: a.v. How do your teaching methods differ when the children with special needs enter your class? Did your teaching methods have to change because of the inclusion students? a.vii. Were any changes made to your classroom to better meet the needs of the inclusion students? (i.e. desk arrangements, seating assignments…) b. What types of technology are available to meet the needs of the inclusion students? 4. Is there anything about your school’s special education services that you would like to see improved or changed? Please explain… a. What aspects do you like about your school’s special education services?...
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