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group presentation- article handout answers

group presentation- article handout answers - Hannah...

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Hannah Darphin, Geralyn Schexnayder, Kelsey Kelin, Brooke Stuart The Public School & the Immigrant Child By: Jane Addams 1. Indictments against result and the care and instruction of the immigrant child: a. _ Public school systems separate the immigrant child from his/her parents. b. _ Public schools fail to prepare students for the real world . c. _ Children who were cut off from their parents will not be able to hold a family together as parents. 2. The contrast between the culture of an immigrant household and one valued in school and media, can lead immigrant children to reject parental control. a. This leads to problems such as: (explain why) a.i. Children of immigrants are arrested two times more than children with parents born in the United States. a.ii. Children are immersed in American society in school. They then judge their parents on the superficial level of society they have observed. The child asserts his independence before s/he has been adequately prepared to care for his own affairs. a.iii. The public school does not teach students’ self-direction, motivation, or a strategy for managing a life on their own. a.iv. “Schools ought to do more to connect these children w/ the best things of the past, to make them realize something of the beauty & charm of the language, the history, & the traditions which their parents represent.” (35) a.iv.1. If we can teach them to sympathize and understand where their parents are coming from they would not reject them. They could learn the “business of life” from their parent & give them the power to interpret his parents’ beliefs by a more universal standard and combine them with his newly learned culture.
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