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Observation report 1 - Hannah Darphin October 6, 2010 EDCI...

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Unformatted text preview: Hannah Darphin October 6, 2010 EDCI 2030: O’Neal Observation Report 1: St. Luke’s Episcopal Day School St. Luke’s is a private institution affiliated with the National Association of Episcopal Schools. Attending students are predominately from higher socio-economic status families. I observed St. Luke’s Episcopal Day School’s fifth grade class. The entire grade has 35 students and two teachers. Each teacher teaches her homeroom social studies; however, for the other subjects each teacher focuses on certain subjects and the students switch between the two classes. Mrs. Thompson, who has been teaching for over 20 years, teaches science and mathematics. Mrs. McIllwain, who has taught for 7 years, teaches the language arts. I think it is important to note one of St. Luke’s fourth grade students, Arianna, was victim of a violent crime. Her house was broken into, her mother murdered, and she was shot six times and is now in critical care. I overheard some fifth graders talking about going to Arianna’s mother’s memorial service. As a class they prayed for Arianna and her family. I observed some students appearing anxious, but not to a degree where it affected the class as a whole. Being exposed to the reality that we live in a violent world could have altered these generally sheltered students’ behavior. 1. Notice placement of desks. Are they in rows, circles or some other configuration? Who is sitting by whom? Does the instructor sit or stand? Where? What do you think is the reason for this configuration? Mrs. Thompson has 3 rows of horizontal desks in the middle of the classroom and 2 vertical rows of desks on either side of the middle configuration. Students have assigned seats that alternate boy-girl. Seating opposite sexes next to each other helps to minimize talking at younger ages. While all the students seem to be well behaved and participate, Mrs. Thompson has placed the students who seem to be more shy toward the front, and the students who are more eager in the back. I think she did this to help encourage the more timid students to participate. A few of the students who sit in the back are very eager to be called on. They raise their hands for almost all questions and wave them back and forth enthusiastically. questions and wave them back and forth enthusiastically....
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Observation report 1 - Hannah Darphin October 6, 2010 EDCI...

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