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Observation report 2 - Hannah Darphin EDCI 2030 ONeal...

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Hannah Darphin October 27, 2010 EDCI 2030: O’Neal Observation Report 2: Highland Elementary Highland Elementary School is a public school in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. Highland Elementary educates children in grades pre-kindergarten till fifth grade. Highland Elementary has school wide Title I status. I observed Mrs. Jenkins fifth grade class and Ms. Petty’s first grade class. While I was observing Ms. Petty’s class, the school’s guidance counselor, Mrs. Jackson, taught the first graders a lesson. 1. Notice placement of desks. Are they in rows, circles or some other configuration? Who is sitting by whom? Does the instructor sit or stand? Where? What do you think is the reason for this configuration? Mrs. Jenkins has arranged her desks in groups to make a table-like formation. There are four tables made from four desks, one table made from three desks, and one table made from one desk. The class has two horizontal rows of these “tables”, with students generally facing the front. Mrs. Jenkins’ desk is in the back left hand corner of her classroom. Students have assigned seats that alternate boy-girl, which helps to reduce out-of-turn chatting. When teaching most subjects Mrs. Jenkins stands at the front of the class and uses her Smartboard or other props. For her daily math lesson Mrs. Jenkins stands next to her math center, which is near her desk. Students gather their chairs near the math center for the daily math lesson. During the daily reading lesson children work in groups. The table-like formation of desks helps to make the transition from traditional lecturing to group work seamless because students do not have to move desks together. During group work Mrs. Jenkins sits at a bean shaped table in the back of the classroom. This allows Mrs. Jenkins, to helps the students in her center on a more individual level, while still keeping a watchful eye over the rest of the groups. Ms. Petty has also arranged her desks into groups. She made five tables witch each have four desks. The class has two horizontal rows with three tables in the front row and two tables in the back row. Ms. Petty has fourteen students in her class, eight boys and four boys. All the children have assigned seating, and
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Observation report 2 - Hannah Darphin EDCI 2030 ONeal...

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