Response "I am a teacher"

Response "I am a teacher" - Miller is a...

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Hannah Darphin Response to: “I Am a Teacher” Essay October 18, 2010 Miller, Jamee. (2009). I am a Teacher McCabe, Cynthia. (2010). Florida Teacher’s Essay Becomes Rallying Cry for Educators Seeking Respect. 22/florida-teachers-essay-becomes-rallying-cry-for educators-seeking- respect/ Jamee Miller, a fourth-grade teacher in Florida, was outraged by attacks against herself and her dedicated public school colleagues. In response to legislation that would have severe negative effects on teachers she posted her essay I am a Teacher on her Facebook page. Miller’s essay vividly expresses how much effort, time, and money she puts into her career. She also explains how she is considered a failure as a teacher if her students do not score well enough on the FCAT each year. Miller explains how she cares and teaches her students in more realms, like moral and social, than just academic.
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Unformatted text preview: Miller is a highly educated and well-qualified teacher who is not allowed to control what and how she teaches in lessons. She is exasperated and says that she has seen many of her coworkers stop teaching and wonders how much longer will she be able to stay a teacher in Florida. I think Miller’s essay brought many points to light that the general public who are not involved in education world do not take into account. The responsibilities of teachers are ever increasing, while teacher support is decreasing. While it is true that not all teachers are as dedicated as Jamee Milller, it is important to recognize that those teachers who are. If we are to judge a teacher’s qualifications on his or her student’s performance than the focus should be on the student’s progress in each subject throughout the year....
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Response "I am a teacher" - Miller is a...

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