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The Great Gastsby and American Dream

The Great Gastsby and American Dream - 1 Darphin Hannah...

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1 Darphin Hannah Darphin Professor Kronick English 2270 July 22, 2011 The Great Gatsby and the American Dream The American ethos is people can create their own lives and attain happiness. America, the new world, represents a person’s opportunity to recreate one’s self and deny past ties. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses his novel, The Great Gatsby, to explore how the American dream is itself a measure of America’s failings. The dream is too great for what America can offer. Gatsby invests his whole being into recreating himself in order to fulfill his dream of attaining Daisy Buchanan. Fitzgerald uses Nick’s perception of Gatsby to illustrate how the dream has been corrupted by material pursuits. Jay Gatsby feels the only way to achieve his dream is by impressing Daisy with shows of his great wealth. While Gatsby feels a desperate need to reject his past, Gatsby’s dream to be with Daisy is a direct result of his past. America, our new world, has not given us the ability to transcend our past because as humans we cannot move beyond our own pasts. Nick explains that Gatsby, as young poor solider, initially meets Daisy in Louisville and he instantly is enamored by her wealth; worry free attitude, and social status. During their courting Gatsby realizes meeting Daisy changed him forever. “Then he kissed her. At his lips’ touch she blossomed for him like a flower and the incarnation was complete.” The incarnation represents a rebirth or change in Gatsby’s life where Daisy will forever be present. Gatsby is called away from his love, by military obligations. He learns that Daisy has married Tom Buchanan, a rich man who offers stability and an easy life. Gatsby’s main desire is to recover
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2 Daisy for himself. Parallel to Gatsby’s dream, the American dream is routed in an unfulfilled past, yet involves recreating ourselves to deny our past. Gatsby is determined amassing great
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The Great Gastsby and American Dream - 1 Darphin Hannah...

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