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2 Liter Bottles

2 Liter Bottles - red team build red bottles and knock over...

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Homemade Equipment Assignment:   2 Liter Bottles Materials Needed: - 2 Liter Bottles - Newspaper - Construction Paper (optional) - Tape - Markers - Scissors - Wiffle Ball - Total Cost: $ 2 per set Directions:  1. Stuff coke bottles with newspaper 2. Cut white pieces of construction paper in ½ (this will be the large strip around bottle) 3. Tape paper onto the center of the bottle 4. Cut red and blue strips of paper into ¼ (there will be two teams with two colors) 5. Tape strips of construction paper on top on the larger piece 6. Number each bottle using a marker 7. Tape the top of the bottle with black tape Use in PE Class: 1. Builders and Bulldozers- a. Separate class into 2 teams (red and blue) and place them on opposite sides of the gym b. Place the bottles over the room (some upright, some laying down) mixing the colors c. Explain to the blue team they must build the blue bottles and knock over red bottles and for the
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Unformatted text preview: red team build red bottles and knock over blue bottles. The teams have a total of 2 minutes. d. At the end of the 2 minutes whichever team has the most bottles built wins the game 2. Baseball-a. The teams are all ready separated into blue and red b. Explain that the red team is batting and the blue team is playing in the field (make sure you assign a person to every base and field position) c. **The teacher will pitch the ball d. The students will have a total of five pitches e. **Note: For different grade levels, the teacher can modify the game as needed (moving bases in closer, etc.) 3. Bowling-a. Have the pins set up in a 4, 3, 2, 1 and use a wiffle ball to bowl with b. The teacher must split the class into pairs c. One person gets to bowl and the other team member will pick up the pins d. If a student gets a strike, the other student is picking up the pins...
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