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Homemade Equipment Assignment Bottle Relays MATERIALS NEEDED 1. 8 plastic bottles 2. Markers 3. Index cards 4. Decorative paint 5. 5 pool rings 6. Rocks/Sand/Water 7. Cost: $5 Directions 1. Get plastic bottles from around your house. 2. Decorate plastic bottles. 3. Place rock/sand/water into bottles so they don’t fall over. 4. Make activity cards for the cone activity. Such as do ten jumping jacks. Uses in PE Class 1. Ring Toss a. Place the bottles in a straight line 10 steps away from a designated area. b. Have students stand at the designated area and toss the five pool rings at the bottles one at a time. c. The winner is the student in the group who gets the most rings around the bottles.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Relay Race a. Place bottles in a line 20 steps apart. Put a student at each bottle, and give the student at the first bottle a baton. One group goes at a time. b. Students will run to their teammate hand off the baton and that student will bring it to the next teammate. c. Whoever finishes the relay the fastest wins. 3. Cone Drill a. Place the bottles about 20 steps apart. At each bottle place an activity card. Put students in groups of 6. b. Have the students do what each activity card says to the next bottle. After each child in the group has gone that group is done. c. Whichever group finishes first gets a piece of candy....
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