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Cereal Box Targets Materials Needed: Empty cereal boxes Tennis balls Wrapping paper Scissors Tape Marker or Paint Pen Treasure (Hershey Kisses, Chocolate Coins, etc.) Total cost: less than $4 Directions: 1. Wrap 5 empty cereal boxes with wrapping paper. 2. Write the number “10” on two of the cereal boxes, the number “20” on two of the cereal boxes, and “30” on one of the cereal boxes (these numbers will be how many points each box is worth). 3. The cereal targets are now complete. Uses in PE class: 1. Target Knock-Down a. Arrange the cereal boxes on the ground so that the boxes worth 10 points are 5 yards away from the students, the boxes worth 20 points are 10 yards away, and the box worth 30 points is 15 yards away from the students. (These distances can be adjusted according to age or skill level of the students). b. Students play in groups of 5 (this number can be adjusted depending on the number of students in the class). The first student gets 3 tennis balls and 3 attempts to knock down the cereal boxes. c.
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