history of recycling

history of recycling - . By recycling materials used in...

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As early as 400 BC people have been recycling! After wars ended swords and knifes were melted down and made into coins and other things ancient people needed. Pre—Industrial times : recycling & general household re-using was common practice. When materials became worn beyond use, recyclable items were made into new things Mass production became possible in Industrial Times. This meant goods were cheaper and people threw away more. When human have less supplies and resources we recycle more! http://www.all-recycling-facts.com/history-of-recycling.html History of Recycling Recycling became popular again during World War II
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Unformatted text preview: . By recycling materials used in homes, more resources could be used for the war effort. People worked to make things last • In the 1960’s the Environmental Movement started. More Americans became aware of recycling and environmental consciousness was rising. • April 22, 1970 : First national Earth Day • In 1970 , the Environmental Protection Agency is created with the mission to “protect human health and to safeguard the natural environment.” • In 1974 , Missouri started the first curbside recycling program History of Recycling Now YOU can help! http://www.greenecoservices.com/history-of-recycling/...
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history of recycling - . By recycling materials used in...

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