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Operations and Supply Chain Management (The Mcgraw-Hill/Irwin Series)

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Chapter One: Discussion Questions 1 & 3 1. Look at the want ads in The Wall Street Journal and evaluate the opportunities for an OSCM major with several years of experience. There are many opportunities for a person with an OSCM major all over the United States. Operations Manager, Strategy at Wal-Mart would report to the Director of Operations are responsible for the effective management and implementation of various Operation Strategies. Product Manager – Supply Chain Logistics at Wal-Mart is responsible for driving the vision and strategy of his/her product line(s) and for the management of the product throughout its lifecycle. Strategic Planning Consultant for Dell will have responsibility for leading business and manufacturing strategy development and analytics for the Dell Supply Chain Operations (SCO) team. 3. Using Exhibit 1.3 as a model, describe the source-make-deliver-return relationships in the following systems: a. An airline. Sourcing could be used for the airplanes, the food provided on the airplanes during the flights, the oxygen masks that drop in case of emergencies, the uniforms for the pilots/flight attendant. The biggest item that would be made for an airline would be the airplanes. The planning process to know exactly how many planes are needed is very important. The supplier of the plane has to continually look for ways to improve their product for the customers/consumers. Delivery of the planes is very important because an airline is not functional without them. The planes should be a made-to-order product and I would believe be delivered by flying the plane to the designated airport where it is needed. The return process of an airplane would be once the supplier has
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