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THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Introductory Microeconomics Professor: Robert G. Gateman Course: Microeconomics 101 Office: Room 903, Buchanan Tower Semester: SEP 2009 Telephone: 822-5088 Email : [email protected] SYLLABUS Introduction In this course you will investigate economic thinking applied to the basic market mechanism. Fundamentally, you will learn how the behaviour of the consumer and the firm establish the demand for and the supply of goods and services at the market level. The theory of the consumer, the theory of the firm, and the theory of exchange will form the core of your study. This analysis will be applied to the operation of the firm under different market structures. Your investigation into microeconomics will conclude with a look into current Canadian public policy issues. The objective of the course is to familiarize you with these topics and to encourage a long- lasting interest in the application of economic principles and economic thinking to general business life. To such ends, a great deal of emphasis will be placed on current applications, Canadian economic reality, and deciphering current newspaper reports. The goal of the course on the other hand is to assist you in developing some new techniques to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate in a creative and yet effective manner. You may find the thinking approaches used in this class somewhat foreign at first, but hopefully you will acquire some comfort with the new methodologies as the course continues. Prerequisites There are no prerequisites for this course. It may be helpful to take econ101 before econ102, but this order is certainly not required. The course will focus on explaining economic principles using elementary algebra and geometry. You can succeed in the course without a knowledge of calculus . 1
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University Closures UBC is closed on Monday, 12 October, Thanksgiving Day, and Wednesday, 11 November, Remembrance Day; consequently, as these are statutory holidays, there will be no lectures nor tutorials held on these dates. These lectures or tutorials may be rescheduled. Textbooks
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