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FINAL EXAMINATION REVIEW The following is the Department of Economics policy on review of FINAL exams: 1. Note: a review of a final exam is not the same as an appeal. A review is for the pedagogical purposes only, so that you can see where you went wrong. A review will not be discussed by your professor. An appeal is a request for revised standing – a formal request to have your exam remarked. An appeal must be done through the Registrar’s office, accompanied by the appropriate fee. 2. Please wait two weeks after the final exam date for the exams to be marked and
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Unformatted text preview: deposited in the Department office. 3. Apply in person to the Department of Economics, 9 th Floor, Buchanan Tower, for a “Review of Final Examination”. 4. The Department staff will need a couple of days to retrieve your exam. Please ask the support staff when you should return to review your exam. Note that the professor does not have your exam. 5. The “Review Period” will expire: Winter Term I January 31 Winter Term II June 30 Summer Semester September 15...
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