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The purpose of this note is to encourage the considerate and efficient use of email communication. To these ends, the following values have been generally adopted as encouraging courteous email communications: 1. It is uncomfortable to communicate with anonymous parties, email addresses or acronyms. One finds oneself reluctant to reply to such phantom callers. In order to have a conversation, one appreciates knowing the name of the party with whom they are speaking. 2. In an effort to promote independent thought (a skill which will always be of value)
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Unformatted text preview: and to minimize the time it takes to get your answer, the most efficient and least frustrating formula for finding an answer will be to follow the following procedure. The last thing anybody wants to deal with when they have a question is the type of frustrating delays one encounters when they call the stereotypical customer help line: 1. You guessed it, check the 2. Read the 3. Call your 4. Ask in you 5. Contact your 6. Come to my...
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