March 8, 2010 - THESIS and ARGUMENT If you have a fairly...

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ENG112 March 8, 2010 To write body paragraphs: CONVERT MAIN ARGUMENT INTO SUPPORTING ARGUMENTS FOR USE IN BODY PARAGRAPHS -- (I.E. extract supporting argument from the main argument) FIND YOUR THESIS/ MAIN ARGUMENT ANALYZE YOUR THESIS BREAK THE MAIN ARGUMENT DOWN INTO 2 OR 3 SUPPORTING ARGUMENTS OR EPAND THE MAIN ARG INTO 2-3 SUPPORTING ARGUMENTS. TURN EACH SUPPORTING ARGUMENT INTO 1 OR MORE BODY PARAGRAHS INTO A TOPIC SENTENCE TOPIC SENTENCE: “MINITHESIS” “ SUPPORTING ARGUMENT” Write 1 or 2 body paragraphs for each supporting argument USE EXAMPLES/EVIDENCE/LOGIC TO PROVE THE “MINITHESIS” or “”SUPPORTING ARGUMENT” IN EACH BODY PARAGRAPH RESEARCH CAN HELP YOU FIND THE EXAMPLES, EVIDENCE, AND SUPPORTING ARGUMENTS THAT YOU NEED TO WRITE YOUR BODY PARAGRAPHS. Example: Thesis: In this essay, I will argue that. . (in this essay I content that…) To advance this argument I will examine… (I will explore this premise by… ) Explain the reasons (supporting arguments!) **Must connect supporting arguments!
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Unformatted text preview: THESIS and ARGUMENT If you have a fairly well developed argument but are still trying to formulate it clearly OR to work out flows in its logic. Try to write a SYLLOGISM that expresses the argument. SYLLOGISN a three part model of DEDUCTIVE REASONING that presents: 1. A MAJOR PREMISE (general principle) 2. MINOR PREMIS (specific case) 3. To produce a CONCLUSION 1.Amphibians can breathe under water. 2. Frogs are amphibians. 3. Therefore, frogs can breathe under water. Ex. NIKE 1. The fairness of wage paid by an employer can only be determine by emphasizing them with the wages paid by other local employers 2. Although Nike pays low wages in Malaysia, there wage is no lower that those paid to workers employed in most other factories in Malaysia. 3. In comparison the wages paid to workers in most other factories in Malaysia, the wages that Nike pays to factory workers in Malaysia are fair....
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March 8, 2010 - THESIS and ARGUMENT If you have a fairly...

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