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March 3, 2010 - “THEREFORE” indicates that the...

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ENG112 March 3, 2010 Pathos =1 Poor children prevent their mothers from finding work, and, when adult, support civil wars or become prostitutes. 2. ETHOS Establishes common ground with his audience. (“I think it is agreed by all parties…”) as well as his regards for the public and his good character. (“…whoever could find out a method”) 3. Broadens his intentions not just the children or beggars 4. ETHOS (‘having turned my thoughts for many years…”} coupled with an oblique attack on his competitors (“ Then returns to PUBLIC UTILITY (Logos) 5. LOGOS, protest will prevent abortions. . PATHOS 8. ETHOS: “I… humbly propose my own thoughts’) 9. LOGOS: appeal to authority, plus evidence that the speaker has done his research before proposing his ideas 10. Detailed description of project: LOGOS
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Unformatted text preview: “THEREFORE” indicates that the speaker’s proposal is the logical response to the problems he describes in paragraphs 4 to 9. 11-16 Further development of the description of the “project”. Calculated to elicit the reader’s disgust and anger at the speaker’s callousness. Supporting arguments : collateral advantages and feasibility of the “project”. 13. Reduces the number of Roman Catholics in Ireland. 14. Parents will profit from their children. 15. Useful for clothing. 16. Easy to set up slaughterhouses. 17-19 Dismisses some alternative ideas 17. No point in eating 12-14 year-olds) 18. Could eat rich fat girls, but why bother 19. No point in eating old sick people – will die anyways- End of Session -...
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