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ENG112 January 29, 2010 Research Proposal Title Issue State of knowledge Knowledge deficit Research question (1 or more) that formulate the problems you want to solve and research on your way to establishing a position and thesis Research site that you are going to go to in order to answer your question Method / Thesis / Argument 1.Title: Hint: You may wish to compose a title by using: (1) a “high-level” or “major” abstraction; an. (2) a reference to your “research site” 2. Issue: Identify the BIG ISSUE and the POSITION ABSTRACTION that your research paper will address. “Prestige abstraction:” high value abstraction the attention of a particular academic community 3. State of Knowledge: briefly describe existing knowledge, using
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Knowledge Deficit 5. Research question: should address back to the knowledge deficit One possible approach: rewrite your “position” as a set of research questions 6. Research site: where you are going to get the facts that you need to answer the research question ie. Kinds of material you will use the “research site” is NOT the place for a bibliography or works cited but, It may be prudent to identify any relevant kinds of primary sources 7. Method: include a statement of your thesis, or critical premise under the heading of “method” Say what methods you will use to interpret… How you will make knowledge of your raw materials?...
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