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February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010 - -In one or two sentence state your...

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ENG112 February 1, 2010 ANNOTATION – ANNOTATED CITATIONS Six sources in total (article you summarized is included in this) Clear MLA citation - Keep the note sort: 1-5 sentences (A note for USEFUL source will be longer than a note for one that’s not) - Evaluate the nature and quality of source: E.g. Is the source SHCOLARLY of POPULAR? How seriously do you take the source or its author? - Evaluate how useful the source will be for writing YOUR essay. Useful or not useful? If the source is useful, HOW and WHY? - Briefly describe the source E.g. What is the source a study of? Its useful because…
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Unformatted text preview: -In one or two sentence, state your understanding of the sources’ POSITION PERSPECTIVE OR THESIS. If you can easily identify the political or philosophical angle/perspective of the source, please do so. ex. Source A contradicts source B, Source A develops… but doesn’t… 1. What kind of argument does the essay present? 2. Initial thesis : position author advances first 3. Supporting paragraphs (3-5, all supporting arguments are connected in some way to a single important Issue) 4. Confirmed thesis 5. Big issue – most imp. Topic mentioned in each body paragraph...
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