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ENG112 January 27 - ENG112 January 27, 2010...

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ENG112 January 27, 2010 1. GET ORGANIZED 2. START WELL IN ADVANCE OF DUE DATE 3. FORMULATE - TENTATIVE THESIS / HYPOTHESIS / RESEARCH QUESTIONS 4. RESEARCH I. “mental notes” / notes to yourself brainstorming? Talk with your friends II. Library research primary sources: unprocessed, eyewitness material, ex. An experiment secondary sources: essays and books written by other people III. Select the primary and/or secondary sources that are relevant to thesis. IV. Study the relevant primary and/or secondary sources, taking notes V. prepare a bibliography VI. Prepare a research paper. 5. OUTLINE select the ideas/arguments that best support your central THESIS identify/create the LINKS between the ideas/arguments rank the ideas/arguments according to strengths. 6. REFORMULATE / REWERITE THESIS –fix it! to reflect arguments, ideas, facts, evidence, discovered since STEP 3 7. DRAFT ESSAY (with one of the THESIS OUTLINE and RESEARCH 8. REVISE / EDIT 9. PROOFREAD RESEARCHING AND EVALUATING SOURCES
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ENG112 January 27 - ENG112 January 27, 2010...

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