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Chapter 2 Revolution : The path when one thing takes to go around other thing is called revolution. For example, Earth revolute around the sun ones a year. Ecliptic : The specific path the Earth takes for its yearly rotation is called ecliptic. Rotation: The motion of one body spinning around on its axis. For example, the Earth rotates 360 ° every 24 hours. North celestial Pole: In north celestial pole everything is 35 ° above horizon. The sky above remains the same, while everything else in the sky rotate counter clockwise direction around
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Unformatted text preview: spot. South celestial Pole : In south celestial pole everything is below 35 ° horizon. The star moves clock wise. North celestial pole is not a location in space but it is a direction in space. Northern Hemisphere hurricanes rotate counter clockwise and move to the east or right. Southern Hemisphere hurricanes rotate clockwise or move to the west or left. We have seasons because the earth is tilt 23.5 ° 1400 sqm energy coming from sun light In summer its 1250/sqm high angle In winter its 500/sqm low angle....
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