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6 The Origin of Slavery

6 The Origin of Slavery - which a much lower social status...

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The Origin of Slavery I) Overview A) 1619: First boat of blacks lands in Virginia B) By 1660 about 1,500 of the 27,500 were blacks from Africa C) Initially they were not considered slaves for life C.1) Indentured Servants C.2) Black and White indentured servants ate, slept, lived … together. C.3) Many Blacks obtained land after their contracts were up D) 1660: Laws passed saying Blacks were slaves for life and their children became slaves of their parents masters. D.1) “Human Property” E) 1700: The colonists in British North America treated blacks as people
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Unformatted text preview: which a much lower social status: Slavery F) II) Economic Considerations A) Constraints of Market Production B) Lessened Attractiveness of Indentured Servitude B.1) Potential Competition B.2) Declining Supply C) Transition to African Labor III) Racism A) Dark Complexion B) “Savagery” IV) Impact of Slavery on Southern Society A) Widened Social Stratification B) Greater Harmony amoung Whites C) Retention of Exploitation and Violence as Way of Life...
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