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Tom Keagle 39-200 – Lancet Project Management For this assignment, the problem that I will be analyzing will be the problem of completing an assignment for an English class. The assignment is a 10 page paper on the book Frankenstein where one must determine the main common themes that run throughout the book. The first step in project management is to initialize. Therefore, I will identify the idea of the project which is to go further into the book than just a plot level understanding and really grasp what the author is trying to portray in the book. The formal recognition I get that this is indeed a problem and needs to be solved is the prompt that I receive for class saying the exact wording of the paper that needs to be completed with the list of requirements and the due date of the project. This prompt tells me all of the necessary components I must accomplish so it gives me the overall goal for the project which is to complete a paper on the themes found in Frankenstein by a certain date. The objective of this is to gain an understanding of the
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