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Tom Keagle 70-101 - Ramirez HOMEWORK #2 Chapter 2 Review 2,3,5 2. An organization's stakeholders are the groups and individuals that are directly affected by the practices of an organization and have a stake in the performance of the organization. The major stakeholders that the organization must be concerned with most are the customers, employees, investors, suppliers, and local communities. 3. The major areas of social responsibility that business should be concerned with are responsibilities to the environment, customer, employees, and investors. Each of these areas provides different people and stockholders that the company is responsible to for managing their social responsibility. 5. My personal code of ethics might clash with that of some companies because some of the companies work in a way that tries to maintain their social responsibilities with a stance that tries to do
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Unformatted text preview: as little as possible for social problems and will coverup wrongdoing. These companies do questionable activities such as greenwashing, collusion, price gouging, objectionable advertising, insider trading, and misrepresenting. Considering there are companies that practice activities that don't put people's and consumers' rights in serious consideration, I cannot say that some company's ethics agree with mine. There shouldn't have to be whistleblowers in companies to report on the unethical conduct that are being performed. In order to resolve the differences, I think that companies should make sure that companies stick to the consumer bill of rights and have in writing that they will obey the standards of social responsibilities that it stands behind whistleblowers to make sure that people are not afraid to report wrongdoings....
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