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Tom Keagle 70-101 – Ramirez HOMEWORK #9 Chapter 10 – Review 1,2,3 Analysis 6 1. The advantages of internal recruiting are that it can help build morale and keep high-quality employees from leaving. The disadvantages of internal recruiting are that a person who may be good at their job at one level of the company, may not have the necessary skills for the higher level job they could be promoted to. The advantages of external recruiting are that you can find someone outside the company who has the necessary skills to fill the position that needs filling in the company. The disadvantages of external recruiting are that it can hurt morale and that you cannot be sure of a new hire's work attitude before hiring them and cannot be sure if they will work well with the company in the long run. Internal recruiting could be used when you know a person's skills very well and know that they will work well in the next position and want to keep it in the company. External recruiting
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