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Unformatted text preview: Tom Keagle 70-101 Ramirez HOMEWORK #11 Chapter 14 Review 2,3,5 Analysis 7,8 2. The three types of services performed by CPAs are auditing, tax services, and management advisory services. Auditing is when a CPA examines a company's AIS to determine whether financial reports reliably represent its operations and independent auditors must ensure the client's accounting systems follow generally accepted accounting principles. Tax services include assistance with not only tax-return preparation but also with tax planning. Management advisory services range from personal financial planning to planning corporate mergers and can include production scheduling, computer- feasibility studies, AIS design, and executive recruitment. 3. Financial accounting differs from managerial accounting because financial accounting is concerned with external information users while managerial accounting serves internal users. Financial accounting prepares reports that focus on the activities of the company as a whole rather than...
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