ARC131H1 Lec 2 September 22 - including three different...

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Introduction to Architecture Sept 22, 2011 Lec 2  13:05 Vitruvius Vitruvius divides the profession of Architecture into three branches Aedificatio  Design of private and public buildings Gnomonice The construction of sundials and other devices for measuring time Machinatio  Engineering, including the erection of military defenses  Three departments of architecture Firmitas (Durability) Utilitas (Usefulness/Convenience) Venustas (Beauty) Columns 6 different kinds Doric Ionic Corinthian Arches Used numerous places and in different styles during its early development.  Construction of buildings such as the coliseum incorporates numerous of these features 
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Unformatted text preview: including three different types of columns on each layer. Rotunda Parthenon is a perfect example of this, it is a sloping dome which creates a perfect circle. Constructed by Hadrian a amateur architect. For a long time it was unmatched by any other buildings, however it becomes and iconic piece to numerous building including the modern day Rotunda at the University of Virginia. Leon Battista Alberti Writes the Ten Books on the Art of Architecture...
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ARC131H1 Lec 2 September 22 - including three different...

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