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HWK4 - months 21 Since the Secretariat Archipel chose the...

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Chapter 4 HWK #20, 21 20. The reasons why their customers accepted the change could be endless. It could be because they were sending out good promotions, or quit possibly the new, 864, was a more desirable prefix. Probably the main reason the customers accepted the change was because they did not have a choice in the matter either way. Causing commotion and ruckus would probably cause the project task to a much further completion date. So instead, more customers probably went along with the change. The change was inevitable since the existing prefixes would run out in 12-18
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Unformatted text preview: months. 21. Since the Secretariat Archipel chose the consensus approach over the central authority approach proves it is ignoring leadership. It appeared it was going to be acceptable to all (content), while protecting the jurisdictional responsibilities of all departments. Studies finding that it was found to be neither effective nor efficient shows it was not the best choice. The consensus approach was selected to favor the governmental department more than the community. The study was going to take longer and cost more. I wouldn’t be happy either....
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