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TOM436 HWK2 - Ch.3 - Ch 3 Homework(Q#20 24 be detailed due...

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Ch 3 Homework (Q#20, 24; be detailed – due 18 Jan) 20. Why is it more difficult to keep the project on its time and cost schedules the later the project gets in its life cycle? It is difficult to keep any project on track because of the uniqueness of every project. From acquiring the adequate resources to continual motivation, keeping a project on track is a difficult task for the project manager and team members. This means there will be obstacles and hurdles that project managers and team members must face the later the project gets in its life cycle. Most of the times the resources originally budgeted for a project are later found to be inadequate to the task. For a project to run smoothly, a project manager must know how to efficiently use his resources and be able to handle the unknown changes and problems that come with every project. The later the project gets in its life cycle brings on many crises and obstacles that makes the project’s goals more difficult to accomplish—making project goal trade-offs. Selecting the right project
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