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Mastery Quiz 11 - Mastery Quiz 11 Student: _ 1. Which of...

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Mastery Quiz 11 Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. Which of these statements about nonverbal communication is FALSE? A. In conversations, more information is usually communicated nonverbally than verbally. B. Nonverbal communication is less rule-bound than is verbal communication. C. Nonverbal communication is usually more carefully thought out than is verbal communication. D. Nonverbal communication plays a major role in emotional labor. E. Emotional contagion is transmitted mainly through nonverbal communication. 2. Buffering, summarizing, and omitting are ways to: A. reduce information overload. B. avoid active listening. C. avoid the risk of flaming. D. improve communication between men and women. E. increase media richness. 3. The process model of communication presented in the textbook relies on the metaphor that: A. information flows through channels between the sender and receiver. B. the sender and receiver are on different planets and communicate only when they collide. C. information comes in packages that are couriered in bundles. D. information is a song that is understood only when both sender and receiver know how to sing together in harmony. E. the dominant model of communication relies on none of these metaphors. 4. How do men and women generally differ in their communication styles in organizational settings? A. Men are more likely than women to communicate to strengthen relationships. B. Women are more likely than men to give advice quickly and frequently.
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Mastery Quiz 11 - Mastery Quiz 11 Student: _ 1. Which of...

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