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Mastery Quiz 13 - Mastery Quiz 13 Student 1 Conflict...

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Mastery Quiz 13 Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. Conflict management styles are defined in terms of their: A. consequences for the organization. B. arbitrariness and firmness. C. assertiveness and cooperativeness. D. differentiation and interdependence E. level of process control and level of decision control. 2. Compared to those with an individualist value, employees with a strong collectivist value tend to manage disagreements through: A. forcing. B. third-party conflict resolution. C. arbitration. D. avoidance or problem solving. E. compromising and forcing. 3. Which of the following is NOT explicitly labeled in the conflict process model? A. Manifest conflict B. Conflict perceptions C. Conflict emotions D. Conflict sources E. Conflict zone 4. In organizational conflict, scarce resources are typically identified as: A. a source of conflict B. a form of task interdependence C. a third-party conflict resolution strategy D. a form of differentiation E. scarce resources are unrelated to any part of organizational conflict
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5. A large computer company was well known for the frequent debate among employees regarding various issues. Employees weren't afraid to disagree with their colleagues and to clearly argue their point. Although the discussions would sometimes get loud, employees never spoke angrily at each other and the discussants would
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Mastery Quiz 13 - Mastery Quiz 13 Student 1 Conflict...

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