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Mastery Quiz 15 Mastery Quiz 15 Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. Simple structures usually rely on which of the following to coordinate work activities? A. Direct supervision B. Standardization through formal instructions C. Formal training (standardizing skills) D. Standardization of product or service outputs E. None; simple structures are so-called because they have no coordinating mechanism 2. A team-based organization usually has: A. employees. B. self-directed work teams. C. groups of employees with cross-functional skills. D. tasks over which teams have semi-autonomous responsibility. E. all of these features 3. Decentralization is more likely to occur when: A. an organization becomes so complex that senior executives cannot process all the decisions that significantly influence the business. B. corporate leaders want more consistent decisions across all work units. C. corporate leaders want to increase consistency and reduce costs across the organization. D. all of these occur. E. none of these occur. 4. A wholesale grocery business operates in one city and provides one service -- stocking retailers with fresh produce. The company wants to ensure that employees develop expertise in their skill specialization and that these specializations are used efficiently. What form of departmentalization would be most appropriate here? A. Simple structure B. Matrix structure C. Geographic divisional structure D. Functional structure E. Product divisional structure
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5. A divisionalized structure has all of the following problems EXCEPT: A. it increases the amount of duplication. B. it reduces cooperation across groups. C. it limits the ability to expand operations. D. it underutilizes resources. E. it creates 'silos of knowledge' whereby information is not shared to other units. 6. For which type of environment should organizations adopt an organic structure? A. Munificent environments B. Dynamic environments C. Stable environments D. Simple environments E. Never; mechanistic structures are better than organic structures in all environments. 7. Which coordinating mechanism is typically most important among people working in hospital surgical operations? A. Direct supervision B. Integrator roles C. Job descriptions D. Extensive training E. People working in surgical operations do not use any coordinating mechanism. 8. A consumer products firm with a functional structure is expanding from a single product line into several diverse product groups, with most sales within the one country. What form of departmentalization should it eventually adopt to manage the new conditions most effectively? A. Divisional geographic structure B. Network structure C. Matrix structure D. Divisional product structure E. Keep the functional structure 9. Compared with divisionalized structures, functional structures are known to: A. create better economies of scale. B. be more responsive to local markets or clients.
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Mastery Quiz 15 - Mastery Quiz 15 Mastery Quiz 15 Student:...

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