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Solution Renegade Sports   Post-closing trial-balance  As at 30-06-09  Account No. Name Debit Credit 100Cash at bank 43,050   101Petty Cash 300   110 ARC - Accounts  Receivable Control 17,820   120Inventory 9,640   130Office Supplies 3,028   140Prepaid Rent 3,500   141Prepaid Advertising 8,000   142Prepaid Insurance 3,640   150Cash Registers 6,000   151 Accum Depn: Cash  Registers   1,050 160Store Fixtures 51,000   161 Accum Depn: Store  Fixtures   24,474 210 APC - Accounts Payable  Control   1,680
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220Wages Payable   1,200 221Electricity Payable   297 222Water Payable   236 225Interest Payable   611 230Dividend Payable   1,000 250Bank Loan Payable   40,573 300Share Capital   60,000 301Retained Earnings   14,857 310Profit and Loss Summary     400Sales Revenue     401 Sales Returns and  Allowances     402Discount Received     403Interest Revenue     500Cost of Sales     511Advertising Expense     516Wages Expense     540Rent Expense    
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some_solutions_form_perdisco - Solution RenegadeSports

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