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1 Australian School of Business FINS1613 Business Finance Lecturer: Anh Tu Le Introduction to FINS1613, Business Finance Lecturer: Anh Tu Le Readings: FINS1613 Course Outline Semester 2, 2011 Lecturer-in-Charge b Mr. Anh Tu LE b Office: ASB 365 b E-mail: a.le@unsw.edu.au b Phone: (02) 9385 6013 b Contact Hours: Monday 3 pm – 5 pm b Teaching Weeks: 1-6, 12 FINS1613 – Semester 2, 2011 3 Lecturer b Dr. Gloria Tian b Office: ASB 309 b E-mail: y.tian@unsw.edu.au b Phone: (02) 9385 5862 b Contact Hours: Monday 3 pm – 5 pm b Teaching Weeks: 7-11 b Lecture of week 7 will be conducted online. FINS1613 – Semester 2, 2011 4 Structure of FINS1613 b Four Streams are offered in Semester 2, 2011 s You must be enrolled in a Stream to take this course s If a Stream is full, you will have to attend another one to comply with UNSW fire safety regulations FINS1613 – Semester 2, 2011 5 Assessment for FINS1613 b Assessment comprises: s Tutorial Component 40% Of which: b Attendance 5% b Participation 5% b 3 Quizzes (wks 4,8,12) 3 x 10% = 30% s Final Exam 60% s Total 100% FINS1613 – Semester 2, 2011 6
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Assessment for FINS1613 b A passing grade of 30/60 in the final exam and an overall passing grade of 50% are required to pass the course. b You must also satisfy 80% attendance in order to pass the course. Failure to achieve this grade will result in a fail, irrespective of your performance in the other components. FINS1613 – Semester 2, 2011 7 Enrolment for FINS1613 b You must be enrolled in a tutorial s Tutorial allocation takes place via the MyUNSW system. s If you are not already enrolled in a tutorial – ENROL! s If you are not enrolled you will automatically get zero for the tutorial component of the course. FINS1613 – Semester 2, 2011 8 Enrolment for FINS1613 b Sunday 24 July - last day you can enrol in Semester 2 courses b Sunday 24 July - due date for Semester 2 fees b Wednesday 31 August (Week 7) - last day for students to discontinue without financial penalty, and the cut-off date for FEE-HELP applications b Sunday 4 September (end Week 7) - last day to discontinue without academic penalty FINS1613 – Semester 2, 2011 9 Text Book for FINS1613 b The required text for this course: s Essentials of Corporate Finance (2nd Australian and New Zealand edition) s Authors: Stephen A. Ross, Rowan Trayler, Ron Bird, Randolph W. Westerfield and Bradford D. Jordan s Publisher: McGraw Hill, 2011 b There are also some other texts listed in the course outline that you may find useful in addition to this one. FINS1613 – Semester 2, 2011 10 Lecture Program b 1. Introduction and Basic Concepts b 2. Financial Mathematics b 3. The Valuation of a Firm’s Securities b 4. Capital Budgeting: An Introduction b 5. Applications of Capital Budgeting I b 6. Applications of Capital Budgeting II b 7. Risk and Return FINS1613 – Semester 2, 2011 11 Lecture Program b 8. Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) b 9. b
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Lecture_Week01_6slides - Introduction to FINS1613, Business...

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