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RFID at Metro Case Write-up Assignment Financial Analysis and Business Strategy Recommendation (based on an assignment designed by Dr. Prabhudev Konana) Introduction: Welcome to the McCombs School of Business! Remember when we said this was a critical thinking class? This case enables you to use your MIS 301 Excel skills to make a significant business strategy recommendation. You will do case analyses in many of your McCombs classes, so jump in and have some fun. Due: Hard copy due Wed, April 27, at the beginning of class. Authoring: You can write this memo alone or find ONE partner. If you work in a 2-person team, both people share the grade. Be sure to put both authors’ names on the assignment. Assignment Goal - Business Strategy Recommendation: Analyze the RFID at Metro case. Which of the three options below do you recommend that Mierdorf and Wolfram propose to the RFID steering committee? 1. Expand the scope of the current pallet-level RFID rollout. 2. Move to case-level RFID with the manufacturers currently engaged in the pallet-level rollout. 3. Stop the expansion of RFID efforts and focus on traditional process improvement opportunities. CHOOSE ONE strategy and support your choice with your strategic and financial analysis. Process Flow: Examine the “as-is” process flow in Metro’s supply chain (Exhibit 7) and identify how these processes will improve with the implementation of RFID at the pallet level and at the case level. List the steps of the new, “to-be” processes in sequence with appropriate headings. You don’t have to draw shapes such as those in Exhibit 7 in the case. Format your list to help your reader understand your meaning; you can use a table that has pallet-level process flow steps in one column and case-level process flow steps in another. Or you can make each process a paragraph and put some visual symbol between each step in the process. Make it easy to read . Financial Analysis:
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RFID_Case_Write-Up_Specifications_Spring_2011 - RFID at...

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